[aur-general] Apache (Roundcube) and /tmp

Ismael Bouya ismael.bouya at normalesup.org
Sat Jun 14 15:44:45 EDT 2014

I tried to install roundcube (in community/), but it fails when it tries to
check if he can write in his temp dir, which is a symlink that points to
/tmp/roundcube and is rwx for http (and group http too).

I have the same problem if I try to put the symlink to /var/tmp/roundcube, but
it works with /var/lib/roundcube

Note that I update the open_basedir each time, and absolutely no message show in
the logs concerning fails to write in /var/tmp or /tmp (only when I forget to
change the open_basedir value for php). Any idea where it can come from? Did I
miss something in apache (or php?) configuration?

Thanks in advance!
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