[aur-general] Disown request: xdwm

Evgeniy Alekseev darkarcanis at mail.ru
Tue Jun 17 01:29:38 EDT 2014

On Monday 16 June 2014 21:40:35 Brian F. G. Bidulock wrote:
> Please disown xdwm
>    https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/xdwm/
>  -> not updated in 2 years
>  -> flagged out of date for 4 months
>  -> I have updated PKGBUILD ready to go

Can you explain why this package was marked as out-of-date? According to the 
Github repo [1] the latest stable release was 2012 Oct 8 (6.1p1) [2] and there 
is no activity since Dec 2012 [3]. The release which was marked as 6.1p7 is 
unavailable (according to the current PKGBUILD link to the tarball should be 
[4], but it returns 404). BTW its current maintainer is the developer of this 

Tl;dr: I will not disown this package. If you want to maintain it you should 
contact with its current maintainer (he looks an active).

1. https://github.com/aperezdc/xdwm
2. https://github.com/aperezdc/xdwm/releases
3. https://github.com/aperezdc/xdwm/commits/master
4. https://github.com/downloads/aperezdc/xdwm/xdwm-6.1p7.tar.gz
С уважением, Е.Алексеев.
Sincerely yours, E.Alekseev.

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