[aur-general] Multiple package merges/moves

Aaron DeVore aaron.devore at gmail.com
Sat Jun 21 19:36:07 EDT 2014

I have several misnamed Python 2 packages that I need merged or renamed:

parallel-python: The project is named Parallel Python, so perhaps it should
be python2-parallel-python?
python-couchdb: Move to python2-couchdb
python-couchdbkit: merge with python2-couchdbkit
python-couchdb: move to python2-couchdb
python-geniusql-svn: move to python2-geniusql-svn
python-gsl:move to python2-gsl
python-nevow: move to python2-nevow

Do I need to make any changes to the PKGBUILD besides just renaming pkgname?

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