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I'm back again lol.
Ok, so when I made p-git depend on the package pypump2-git that I made, and when I installed python2-click after modifying the python-click PKGBUILD everything works as expected.
When, however, I make p-git require python2-click and python2-pypump-git it fails to build. It installs the package, for example python2-click, then at the end, I get something like installing python-click 100%
Then it fails to install p-git saying dependancies are not met, missing python2-click and now also same error with python2-pypump-git.
So, how can I fix it? I really want to do this stuff the right way, but I also want it to work at the end of the day. There's nothing worse than finding a nice shiny new package in the AUR and trying to build it only to have it fail. Should I switch back to the old way? Or, should I just put python setup.py and python2 setup.py in the same package() function? But, even if I do put them in the same function, it still won't fix my problems with python2-click.
Thanks for the help

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