[aur-general] package blacklist?

Mike Hobbs mhobbs at fluid.com
Mon Jun 30 12:30:36 EDT 2014

I maintain the xorg-server-bug54168 package in AUR, which is a 
replacement for xorg-server that contains a small bug fix that upstream 
is not addressing. Anyway, when I submit a new version for the 
xorg-server 1.15.2 update, it tells me that "xorg-server is on the 
package blacklist, please check if it's available in the official 
repos". I've not seen this error before when updating my package. Is 
there any documentation about what this blacklist is, or how to avoid 
it, or how to petition for an override? I've done the standard searches, 
but have only come across random forum and mail list posts; nothing 

- Mike

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