[aur-general] Orphan request

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Sun Mar 23 12:31:49 EDT 2014

James Bulmer wrote:

>Could you kindly orphan the package nanomsg, its two versions out of date,
>when I attempted to contact the owner, I received a dns error due to his
>domain no longer existing

The maintainer's AUR account lists a different email address from the one in
the PKGBUILD. Normally I would recommend trying that one before orphaning the
package but in this case the package has been flagged out-of-date for nearly 6

>For the same reason could nanomsg-git be removed, I can't see a need for
>most people running a "bleeding edge" version of this lib

The existence of a VCS package does not imply that most people are expected to
use it. If the VCS repo is active then the package should remain in the AUR.
Let others determine what they need to install to suit their purposes.

In general, "I see no value in this" != "This has no value for anyone".

Both packages have now been orphaned.


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