[aur-general] Change email address on AUR

Tristelune tristelune at archlinux.info
Sat May 3 11:21:44 EDT 2014

On Sat, May 03, 2014 at 12:11:00AM -0400, Daniel Micay wrote:
> On 02/05/14 07:24 PM, Tristelune wrote:
> > Nobody can tell me, where I have to change my email address or what is
> > wrong ? If I asked at the wrong place, can somebody tells me where I
> > can ask ? 
> On aur.archlinux.org you can go to the My Account page and edit the
> email address.

It's what I did and I think it didn't work. To be sure: could somebody
write a comment for the package gscan2pdf ? I will check if I still have
the problem. 


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