[aur-general] Submit request - Package c-icap - Update

Amish ammdispose-arch at yahoo.com
Tue May 6 11:00:22 EDT 2014


This is regarding c-icap package in AUR which is now outdated.

Latest upstream version is 0.3.3 but version in AUR is 0.2.6 (Not 
updated since 2013-10-26)

Also the upstream package is now split in to two packages, called c-icap 
and c-icap-modules.

I have already submitted new package called, c-icap-modules in AUR

This module package however depends on latest c-icap.

I already have PKGBUILD file for same.

So, I would like to request the permission to update c-icap package

So please allow access to same.

My AUR user id = amish

Thank you


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