[aur-general] What stops more packages moving from AUR to Community?

Florian Pritz bluewind at xinu.at
Mon May 26 06:57:07 EDT 2014

On 26.05.2014 11:19, Steven Honeyman wrote:
> Reading the wiki, I got the impression that AUR packages with more
> than 10 votes would be considered worthy enough to move to the
> Community repo.

Package are only moved to community if a TU is interested in them. That
rule you read in the wiki means that if a TU is interested in moving a
package with less than 10 votes that might not be a good idea (pretty
much no users, possibly big package, lots of wasted space for nothing).
It doesn't mean that packages with >10 votes have to be moved.

If you want a package to go into the repo you can try asking TUs to move
it. Maybe some TU didn't know about it yet and grows to like it. Though,
if you do that, please don't spam.

Of course you could also try becoming a TU yourself and move them.

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