[aur-general] mediawiki skin

Marcel Röthke marcel at roethke.info
Tue Nov 18 11:44:56 UTC 2014

Am 18.11.2014 um 12:25 schrieb arnaud gaboury:
> Hi,
> I am setting a mediawiki.
> I wonder what skin does our archlinux wiki use. Is it a custom one (if
> yes, is there any place I can find it) or a  listed mediawiki skin.
> As a side question, are archlinux mediawiki settings open and
> available somewhere?
> TY for hint.

There is a repository[0] for the wiki vhost where you can find the skin.

[0] https://projects.archlinux.org/vhosts/wiki.archlinux.org.git/about/

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