[aur-general] New package - possible file conflict

Jesse McClure jmcclure at cns.umass.edu
Sat Oct 4 01:04:20 UTC 2014

On Sat, Oct 04, 2014 at 02:49:49AM +0200, Marcel Korpel wrote:
> I am planning to release a PKGBUILD for writer2latex [1]

How is this different from the writer2latex package already in the AUR?

> However, how should I call this shell script? 'writer2latex', as this
> is the precise package name, or 'w2l', which is what the package

Generally you'd leave the filenames as defined upstream.

With what would the w2l file conflict with - I don't see anything in the
official repos.  If it conflicts with another aur package, would it only
be fore other writer2latex packages?  If so, just list those packages as
conflicting with this one.

AKA 'Trilby' on archlinux.org

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