[aur-general] Perl pkgbuild and module names beginning with Perl::

John D Jones III unixgeek1972 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 17:00:40 UTC 2015

There are some perl modules, like Perl::Critic that are packaged as 
perl-critic in AUR. I am the maintainer for a number of these modules 
and I'd like some clarity. It seems a bit redundant to have a pkgbuild 
and cpan2aur actually filters this particular module's name and 
truncates it to perl-critic. I personally only have 2 redundantly named 
modules, but there's another user who is adding modules that have 
existed as perl-$name for years as perl-perl-$name. To set an example, 
take the gtk2 module in Extra or glade-perl. These in CPAN are just Gtk2 
or Glade respectively, Some utils are known simply by the executable 
used, it's perltidy or perlcritic. People searching AUR etc for these 
modules shouldn't have to deal with perl-perl-tidy perl-perl-critic when 
the accepted program names are perl-tidy perl-critic etc.
If I'm wrong here, then by all means, let the flame begin, but if it's 
agreed that I am correct here, let us update the wiki article to reflect 
the exceptions to the perl-$fulldistname statement found:
and let us merge the rogue pkgbuilds into the proper locations.
It just seems unnecessarily redundant having perl modules with the name 
perl in the CPAN module name to have perl-perl- in the AUR.

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