[aur-general] Disowning packages

Luchesar V. ILIEV luchesar at kerberia.net
Wed Aug 5 14:17:25 UTC 2015

> Anyone interested in some (all) of my packages? I don't
> have the time to maintain them anymore.
> broadcom-wl
> mesa-git
> lib32-mesa-git
> llvm-svn
> lib32-llvm-svn
> libclc-svn
> libgxim
> imsettings
> im-chooser

Hi Krejzi, All,

First of all, thank you very much for maintaining those packages so far!

I might take over the {lib32-,}llvm-svn packages. As I have commented in
AUR, I had been working for some days on modifications that switch to
out-of-source build using Cmake. After fixing some bugs, it seems to
work reasonably well now, although I'm sure there will be other issues.


However, I have very little experience with the LLVM stuff, so if there
are more knowledgeable people around who would step in, that will
certainly be a better choice. If not, I'll take over the packages (but
I'll also need more time to fix the multilib package too).

aka Kerberizer

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