[aur-general] Can't upload packages to aur now

Pablo Lezaeta Reyes prflr88 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 8 21:59:48 UTC 2015

I have 51 packages with the user Jristz but I decide change the  .git/config
and change sed "s|aur4.|aur.|g" but now I can't upload packages and fixes.

I attempt changing my ssh-key and I test everyone
(ecdsa,ed25519,rsa1,dsa,rsa) but without succes, then I attempt to reclone
a package for test but aur refuse to allow me to do it.

so far my .ssh/config is
Host aur.archlinux.org aur4.archlinux.org
        Hostname aur.archlinux.org
        IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub
        User aur
        Port 22
and I have aur.archlinux.org in the know hosts list, so What could happened
that I cant even clone my packages??
*Pablo Lezaeta*

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