[aur-general] Deletion of orphaned packages on AUR4

Ivy Foster joyfulgirl at archlinux.us
Tue Aug 11 15:05:15 UTC 2015

On 11 Aug 2015, at  3:48 pm +0200, Johannes Dewender wrote:
> [snip]

> I uploaded both to AUR3 and also to AUR4.
> I maintain the free branch, because I think this is the better variant.
> Having the original on AUR would be good, so I also updloaded these, but
> I personally don't want to maintain these.

> There are however some users that still want to use the original.
> There aren't many changes either, since the original doesn't have
> releases often.
> (the free branch has lots of releases)

If and only if there is somebody who "still wants to use the
original," they'll upload and maintain a PKGBUILD
themselves. So it is with any package.

Remember, Arch assumes a baseline of competence--or at least
willingness to read--on the part of the user, and Arch's
packaging tools are dead simple if you actually bother to
learn them. There's no need to upload scripts to the AUR on
behalf of some nebulous concept of the average user, because
the average Arch user can do it themselves if they want to.
Have some faith in your fellow users, and let's all work to
make the new AUR less of a horrible mess than the old one.


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