[aur-general] Archive of AUR3 packages

Bruno Pagani bruno.pagani at ens-lyon.org
Thu Aug 13 19:28:51 UTC 2015

If those packages where really deleted by Kyrias, then this was post AUR4 migration, and a git clone should get you everything you need. ;)

Else, this is due to AUR3→AUR4 migration, and then the already given link is your way to go.


Le 13 août 2015 20:28:41 GMT+02:00, Chi Hsuan Yen <yan12125 at gmail.com> a écrit :
>Dear Arch lovers,
>Recently lots of orphaned packages on AUR are deleted by Kyrias [1].
>AUR3 PKGBUILD tarballs kept somewhere? I'd like to re-upload packages
>using, but it takes too long time to write all PKGBUILDs from scratch.

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