[aur-general] Email Notifications of new AUR orphaning/deletion/merging method

Jens Adam jra at byte.cx
Fri Feb 6 08:28:26 UTC 2015

Thu, 5 Feb 2015 22:46:44 -0300
Hugo Osvaldo Barrera <hugo at barrera.io>:

> Can we get this rather scary and dangerous privacy issue fixed?

Can we *please* not start the 3001th useless discussion on this topic?

You can't solve it; regardless if reply-to-list or reply-to-sender is the
list default, you'll always have users expecting the opposite.
I know it's futile wishing for users to abandon the default "reply"
button in favor of "reply to list/sender" (or "reply to all", heaven
forbid), but I still expect everyone to give his reply (body _and_
headers) a second look before hitting "send". Is that already too much?

But I'm not against a majority vote to change the current default for all
archlinux.org lists (having mixed settings would wreak havoc), if it's
properly conducted and communicated beforehand via homepage news.


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