[aur-general] the *scotch* issue

George Eleftheriou eleftg at gmail.com
Sat Feb 14 17:53:58 UTC 2015

to: mickele, myles, jedbrown as packagers/maintainers of the various AUR
scotch flavours

cc: winstonwu9, gucong, kragacles, john_schaf, SMucalo as packagers /
maintainers of various other packages depending on these AUR *scotch*

The other day, i needed to build ptscotch-openmpi and realized that it
conflicts with scotch_esmumps5...

loading packages...
resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...
:: ptscotch-openmpi and scotch_esmumps5 are in conflict. Remove
scotch_esmumps5? [y/N] y
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: mumps: requires scotch_esmumps5

... but i couldn't remove scotch_esmumps5 since i have mumps installed on
my system so... i did a quick search:


and realized that there are 5 (!) different versions of *scotch* in AUR.
Then, i decided to do something about it.

1) Visited the upstream scotch website where i came across this interesting
piece of information (copying from the Release Notes and Changelog of
upstream 6.0.1):

"While this is technically a bugfix release, much has changed "under the
hood" regarding repartitioning and (re)partitioning with fixed vertices.
>From now on, there is no separate "*_esmumps" version. The additional
libraries for MUMPS can be generated by running "make esmumps" for the
sequential libraries and "make ptesmumps" for the parallel libraries."

2) Took bits and pieces from the already existing PKGBUILDs, cleaned them
up and made my own scotch PKGBUILD which grabs the latest sources (6.0.3)
and encompasses all kinds of scotch that could ever be needed by AUR
packages (serial + pt + esmumps + ptesmumps).

3) Uninstalled the scotch version I already had (scotch_esmumps5).

4) Installed my new "unified" scotch.

5) Built 2 AUR packages (openfoam and mumps) which depend on conflicting
scotch versions by replacing the [pt]scotch[-openmpi][_esmumps5] dependency
in their PKGBUILD with my new "unified" scotch. Just to test whether they
compile or they give errors. Everything worked.

Suggestions/questions to all:

1) Would you mind checking my PKGBUILD (first attempt to make one but there
is nothing quite new inside anyway... it's based on the existing ones) for
errors? Any improvements to propose?

2) Then, if everything is OK, do you agree in merging all AUR *scotch* into
a single one in order to make life simpler?

3) the above also implies that the packages depending on *scotch*  will
have to change their dependencies' listings... I already attached the
modified PKGBUILDS of openfoam and mumps, as samples.
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