[aur-general] How should I handle VCS packages right?

Christopher Reimer mail at creimer.net
Tue Feb 24 22:35:40 UTC 2015

Hi list,

I'm maintainer of a project called VDR4Arch. 

I recently started taking over a bunch of packages in AUR. My main goal 
is to follow the best practices from the Developer Wiki as good as 

A lot of plugins for vdr are more or less orphaned upstream. There are 
no regular releases and the last one is usually a year back. However 
there are still commit in the GIt repository. And around the vdr 
community it's common practice to use these Git revisions and consider 
them stable. The community even keeps these plugins alive with 
compatibility patches.

Usually I would say that these are VCS packages and need to be suffixed 
by -git. But to distribute the version everyone in the community expects 
I started using the VCS feature with fixed commit ids, which are tested 
by me or somebody trusted. I create these packages without the -git suffix.

I'd like to know how a Trusted User or even an Arch Developer would 
handle this. Is this approach acceptable?



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