[aur-general] password cracker program in AUR

Thorsten Töpper atsutane at freethoughts.de
Mon Jul 6 20:39:32 UTC 2015

On Thu, 18 Jun 2015 18:20:48 -0500
Sam Stuewe <halosghost at archlinux.info> wrote:

> As one of the maintainers of one of the hashcat packages, I am a firm
> believer that such programs should be allowed. They are not illegal,
> have plenty of legal and moral use cases and are widely available
> elsewhere (why put a non-universal constraint on a single set of
> programs with virtually no gain?).

I fully agree, such tools are useful in a lot of cases, with the
argumentation that it can be misused compilers are also in a bad
position, they create harmful executables from plain text files.

No seriously, in case there are laws in your jurisdiction that forbid
such tools don't install them. I don't work in the security business,
but john, nmap and aircrack were extremely useful to convince people
from previous generations to use stronger passwords and changing the
kind of WLAN encryption.

Also: I'm the guy currently maintaining john in [community]. (Yes it's
ood and there is a jumbo for 1.80, but it runs stable on older x86_64
CPUs. Feel free to send me an updated PKGBUILD and I check it on my
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