[aur-general] [AUR4] Single binary package for different architectures

Johannes Löthberg johannes at kyriasis.com
Wed Jul 8 13:21:01 UTC 2015

On 07/07, Frederik “Freso” S. Olesen wrote:
>Den 26-06-2015 kl. 02:21 skrev Hugo Osvaldo Barrera:
>> On Thu, Jun 25, 2015, at 12:50, Maxime Gauduin wrote:
>>> On Thu, Jun 25, 2015 at 5:27 PM, Doug Newgard <scimmia at archlinux.info>
>>> wrote:
>>>> On Thu, 25 Jun 2015 12:15:01 -0300
>>>> Hugo Osvaldo Barrera <hugo at barrera.io> wrote:
>>>>> Why not just name them the same locally?
>>>> That creates problems verifying the checksums.
>> What problems exactly?
>If you build both versions (which is the default for `makepkg` IIRC),
>you will need to delete the downloaded source midway through or makepkg
>will complain that "$pkgname-$pkgver" (x86_64) doesn't match its
>checksum (if it downloaded i686 first).

No, it does not, the 'issue' only applies to making sourceballs and 
verifying them.

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