[aur-general] AUR4 keywords in PKGBUILD?

David Phillips dbphillipsnz at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 22:25:43 UTC 2015

I'm aware of that and I hope I didn't imply otherwise.

The point I was trying to get at is that .SRCINFOs are summaries of a
package's metadata. I understand that keywords are metadata so if they
had to be put somewhere, it would make sense to put them in .SRCINFOs.
However (assuming we refuse to allow them into a PKGBUILD) this would
require another input to the SRCINFO other than the PKGBUILD.
Assuming this input took the form of another separate file, it would
be unnecessary clutter.

I suppose if mksrcinfo left the proposed keyword field alone but
updated the rest of the file, it might be a tidier solution…

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