[aur-general] Request to remove a commit on AUR4

Ting-Wei Lan lantw44 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 07:45:46 UTC 2015

I forgot 'git push --force' was no longer allowed in AUR4. I forgot to 
include .SRCINFO changes in the last commit, and I can no longer do 'git 
subtree push' to fix it because the pushed commit was rebased. I cannot 
use 'git reflog' and 'git reset' to go back to the old commit because I 
have pushed changes to other packages after rebasing. It seems the only 
way to fix it myself is doing 'git subtree pull', but it will cause the 
history become very ugly.

Can I file a request to remove a commit for mingw-w64-gtk3 package? I 
cannot find this type of request on AUR4 webpage, but I hope this can be 

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