[aur-general] [AUR4] Is there a tool for using a single git repo for several packages?

Eli Schwartz eschwartz93 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 23:05:45 UTC 2015

On Mon, Jun 8, 2015 at 6:33 AM, Chi Hsuan Yen <yan12125 at gmail.com> wrote:

> (Due to my poor English, the subject may not be easy to understand. I'll
> explain it below.)
> Hello AUR users,
> First I'm glad to see that AUR now switches to a git-based package system.
> I'm always interested in what are changed for an AUR package. Before AUR4,
> such an information is generally not available unless the submitter leaves
> a comment.
> Now I'd like to talk about my scenario. Before AUR4, I maintain a single
> git repo for all packages. I need to re-upload all my packages now. There
> are several handy utilities listed at the AUR wiki [1]. Among them,
> "import-to-aur4" seems suitable for those who use git repos before AUR4.
> However, import-to-aur4.sh does not meet my need:
> 1. It's designed for aur-dev rather than aur4. The workflow is slightly
> different.
> 2. Looks like it's a one-time script rather than for long-term use. (See
> the example usage below)
> Is there an existing tool that can read individual packages from a single
> repo and push it to AUR4? A use case can be:
> $ vim python-foobar/PKGBUILD
> $ git commit -a -m "python-foobar: Update to version x.y.z"
> $ ./push-package-to-aur4.sh python-foobar
> push-package-to-aur4.sh reads from local repo, creates the repo remotely if
> necessary and pushes PKGBUILD, .SRCINFO, and other source files.
> Hope my descriptions are clear enough :)
> Best regards,
> Yen Chi Hsuan
> [1] https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Arch_User_Repository

Yes, I've been fiddling around with exactly that.

Check out https://github.com/eli-schwartz/pkgbuilds to see how I've done it
-- I decided to use a subtree push to export per-package folders from a
master repository to the AUR per-package repositories.

I also have a few githooks for auto-generating .SRCINFO, suggesting a
commit message, and auto-generating aurballs for the transitional period
where we need to support the old and new AUR interfaces.
The `aurpublish` script handles creating and pushing packages.

Suggestions are welcome. :)

-- Eli Schwartz

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