[aur-general] Help needed in fixing my package (gcc44-multilib)

Giovanni Santini giovannisantini93 at yahoo.it
Tue Jun 16 07:51:58 UTC 2015

Good morning,
I would like to know if someone could help me in finding a problem.
Actually, I was trying to build my package, but, as you now, on every 
GCC major update, something goes wrong.
I wrote a little patch for fixing a not working check (the one with 
'toplevel' in its name) but now I'm having problem linking (it keeps 
saying that I have multiple definitions of the functions giving me 
problems... the fact is that definition and redefinition are on the same 
line .-.)...
I am sending my future source tarball (it will be a git one when fixed, 
obviously) here.
If someone could help me, I would really appreciate.

Giovanni Santini
My blog: http://giovannisantini.tk
My code: https://github.com/ItachiSan

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