[aur-general] Unable to upload a recently adopted package to aur4

Oozy Slug oozyslug at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 16:40:38 UTC 2015

My AUR username is "*oozyslug*"
I am unable to upload the "*nix*" aur package (i recently adopted) to AUR4 .
My ssh key and config setup are proper since i dont have any trouble with
my other aur package "*gedit-rust-git*"

I am able to git clone the nix empty repo
*> git clone ssh://aur@aur4.archlinux.org/nix.git

I added the pkgbuild and .srcinfo and made a commit.

When i push the repo to the origin i get the following error

*>git push*

* git-receive-pack: permission denied: oozyslug*

* fatal: Could not read form remote repository.*
* Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository

What can i do to correct the problem.
Thank you in Advance .

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