[aur-general] Git over HTTPS

Alan Jenkins alan.james.jenkins at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 16:42:47 UTC 2015

Actually they very often strip https traffic too. I used to work for
Symantec.cloud and we did both http and https scanning so don't try to say
that it is not a valid argument as I assure you you can scan and do content
filtering on https.

On 16 June 2015 at 14:35, Manuel Reimer <manuel.reimer at gmx.de> wrote:

> On 06/16/2015 08:24 AM, Alan Jenkins wrote:
>> I am with the OP on this, having worked in a cloud security company I
>> understand why they block port 22 out bound and know it to be a common
>> problem. It is blocked to stop employees accidentally or intentionally
>> leaking important customer or business data. You can also use SSH to
>> bypass
>> security measures in place within the network and even create tunnels back
>> into the network.
> You can do this via HTTPS, too.
> --> Bad argument.
> Manuel

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