[aur-general] Git over HTTPS

David Kaylor dpkaylor at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 05:12:07 UTC 2015

> 1. Yes, I do have network access outside of my corporate environment.
> However, much (READ: all) of the project maintenance and code lives on and
> is performed on my corporate servers.
> 2. I currently maintain the ownCloud-beta-client package as part of my
> involvement with that group.
> This is done as part of my official duties in my corporate environment.
> My organization is also looking to begin sharing several large projects
> within a few months.
> Without another form of access, this would be technically impossible.
> --
> Thomas Swartz

I had been wondering if you were working on some packages in a work
capacity. Given that, I think it would be a shame to lock out this type of
contributor, even though there are probably just a few. As a network admin,
I can say that blocking outbound SSH is pretty common. Yes, it is stupid,
and it doesn't do much to improve the overall security of a corporate
network. But it isn't really about security, it's about control. Corporate
overlords are usually paranoid control freaks, and that often manifests in
various policies, from HR policies to network and other IT policies and
practices. And it sucks.

It would be nice if the new AUR could find a way to allow the OPs continued

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