[aur-general] Git over HTTPS

David Kaylor dpkaylor at gmail.com
Sat Jun 20 10:34:33 UTC 2015

> I'm rather sure that he never actually said that maintaining the AUR
> package was part of his job, just avoided the question by saying that he
> worked on the software. (Though I'm too lazy to check now.)

I just double checked, and this is what he wrote:

2. I currently maintain the ownCloud-beta-client package as part of my
involvement with that group.
This is done as part of my official duties in my corporate environment.

My organization is also looking to begin sharing several large projects
within a few months.
Without another form of access, this would be technically impossible.

Which sounds to me like he was saying it is part of his job, or at least he
has explicit approval to work on it.

Why can't he get outbound SSH access to do this, if it is work related? Who
knows. But I sort of sympathize with him. Not blaming the AUR4 developer,
he has good reasons for the new design, as far as I know.

I do wish people would stop focusing on the OP's corporate network
policies, stupid as they may be, because it's just not relevant at this
point. I, for one, hope he can continue to contribute.

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