[aur-general] AUR Package linsmith + AUR packages (un)maintained by Speps

Muflone webreg at vbsimple.net
Wed Mar 4 16:53:10 UTC 2015


Before sending this request I made some seach about Speps inactivity but
I wasn't able to find any. On IRC the last access was almost one year
ago (May 02 15:25:35 2014).

The package linsmith [1] maintained by speps is actually out of date
since many years, last update was on 2011-03-21.

Despite the out-of-date flag set more than 2 weeks ago and the orphan
request filed on the same day the package was left unmaintained and no
TUs took the responsibility to orphan it as it's owned by the TU Speps.

However I think that the package linsmith is clearly unmaintained and we
shouldn't care if it's owned by another TU and let's go with the orphan
request and let others users to adopt it.

@Speps, if you're still interested in maintaining the package linsmith
please update it or else orphan it voluntarily without any further wait.

Please don't misunderstand me, it's not my intention to hijack Speps
packages but he actually maintains over 500 packages and many of them
are marked out of date, and many others aren't marked as out-of-date but
their last update was years ago.
If Speps needs and hand to maintain so much packages let's discuss or
else let's orphan some if he cannot sustain so much work to maintain them.


[1] https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/linsmith/

Fabio Castelli aka Muflone

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