[aur-general] How to depend a pkg on two alternative packages?

Uwe Koloska kolewu at koloro.de
Sat Mar 14 15:09:29 UTC 2015


I want to create a package for an app that needs either pyaudio or (as
an alternative) pygame.  How can I write this in the PKGBUILD?

And what's more: The main dependency pyaudio is "only" in AUR but the
alternative "pygame" is part of the official repos.

For now, I don't know when the app decides what package to use.  So I
see three ways to do it:

* make both packages alternatives in the depends-array (but how?)

* make pygame a hard dependency (because it is an official package) and
pyaudio an optional one

* make both optional and write a message to .install, that at least one
of them has to be installed ...

Could you help me?

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