[aur-general] RFC: PKGBUILD for tensorflow-git

Pieter ROBYNS pieter.robyns at uhasselt.be
Tue Nov 10 15:52:36 UTC 2015

Dear all,

I have recently created my first PKGBUILD for the tensorflow project which
was recently released. This project didn't have a build-from-git AUR
package yet, so I figured that it would perhaps be useful to other people
as well and therefore I'd like to share my PKGBUILD on the AUR.

Since it is my first PKGBUILD however, could anyone please give some
feedback regarding its structure? I also have a few questions:

- The build system used for the project (bazel) appears to require a
specific version for the build to succeed (the one in AUR currently is
newer and didn't work out of the box) so I had to clone this version of the
build system and compile it temporarily in order to build tensorflow. Is
this okay given that the same instructions are given on their website (

- Another requirement by the project is running a ./configure script before
building. I did this in prepare(), but the script requires user input. Is
this a problem, or should it continue automatically?

- Finally, I noticed that during build, the CPU usage spikes to 100%
because bazel parallelizes things. On my machine this caused gcc to crash
at some point. Do I need to notify the user about this possibility?

Kind regards,
Pieter Robyns
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