[aur-general] Fwd: Re: [PRQ#4315] Deletion Request for python2-radicale

G. Schlisio g.schlisio at dukun.de
Thu Nov 12 12:23:23 UTC 2015

Am 11.11.2015 um 18:44 schrieb Hugo Osvaldo Barrera:
> Even after the following discussion on aur-requets, python2-radicale was
> deleted. There's not a full tree of broken packages, since this
> dependency is missing.
> I'm amazed at how the TU ignored the whole thread AND the fact that
> other packages explicitly depend on this one.
> Can we have this package restored?

i have to mark here, the discussion came to conclusion, that this
package is still needed and the request (filed by me) was regarded resolved.
is there any log, where we ordinary users can see, what TU to adress
with a complaint now?


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