[aur-general] [aur-dev] [PRQ#4382] Deletion Request for b43-firmware

Xavion xavion.0 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 00:39:07 UTC 2015

> Can we just make a poll or something and post it on the feature request for
> this? There is a lot of noise and talk and generally shitty behaviour all
> around; I (and I assume many others) are signed up to the mailing list for
> AUR related news; not petty arguments over english semantics.

If you think this thread has become sh!tty, how about you just ignore it
from now on?  Also, I don't know why creating a ticket on the Bugtracker
should be a complementary requirement.  My view is that a TU should have
made the necessary change immediately after reading my very first message.

I was just proving your statement:

Honestly, I think it's a joke that we even need to have this discussion.

You were also taking the focus off the main issue: that "File Request"
(only) needs to be changed at this point.

> Since when are jokes considered a waste of time?

Maybe that was another attempt at a joke.  I can't really tell because I
don't find them funny (no offence).  I'm just trying to get a simple
problem solved here, and I don't see the point in turning it into an
elaborate joke.

There's a difference between _understanding_ the syntactical semantics of a
> statement to _knowing_ the meaning of an English word.
> (By syntactical semantics I mean the semantics that can be derived from
> the syntax.)

I wasn't suggesting there isn't.  I just assumed ESLs learn about "lodge"
being used as a verb before they learn all that other crap you were going
on about.

Does it harm you to read these two mails?

Again, I never said it does.  I'm simply of the opinion that they're a
waste of time (for you as well).

You miss my point.
> If somebody interpretes a deletion request as a way of getting something,
> then he does either understand no English at all, so should get used to use
> a dictionary, or lacks the ability of setting up and running an Arch system
> completely.
> Nor would he be able to use the package on another distribution, by the
> way.

No, I got that the first time.  The issue I have is that two Archers in the
last fortnight have misinterpreted "File Request" with respect to my
packages alone.  I highly doubt that either of them would've bothered to
create an AUR account and lodge these requests if they didn't already have
a running Arch system.  They're not total morons.

I want that file too.
> Come on, just give the damn file already and let's get this over with.

FWIW, I consider that to be a fair bit funnier than the aforementioned

> I totally concur. This discussion is getting less and less productive
> with each round of emails.

Again: Don't like it?  Don't read it!

On the OP's proposal though, IMHO, if such user mistakes happen often
> enough, a change is certainly warranted. If they, however, occur only
> occasionally, then probably the issue shouldn't be high priority. Free
> projects like Arch have only so much available resources, after all,
> and lengthy discussions tend to eat those resources up quite fast.

This necessary yet trivial change would take the right person only a few
minutes to implement.  The fastest way to render this thread obsolete would
be to do so without further delay.  The string could at least be changed to
"Make a Request" (which no-one seems to have a problem with) as an interim

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