[aur-general] [aur-dev] [PRQ#4382] Deletion Request for b43-firmware

Xavion xavion.0 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 08:19:53 UTC 2015

Greetings, Marky Mark.  I was wondering whether you'd show your face in
these parts again.  I'd like to start by listing a few fragments of the
emails you've sent me recently.  I removed the "uc" from the middle of
"f**king" in order to keep things relatively clean here.  I've also noted
my replies below your statements as I wouldn't want the likes of you to get
the final word.

Begin {

I really do not care about what you think about me, so if this is how
> you make yourself feel validated, I feel sorry for you.

I just think you're arguing for the sake of arguing.  I don't think you
even believe in what you're saying.  No-one could be that stupid.

I don't know about making myself feel validated.  I'm just trying to get
the desired outcome as quickly as possible.

Are you twelve or are you just a petulant man-child who never got
> attention from your parents?  You feeling this strongly about a f**king
> word is absurd.

I think you're still missing the point.  I'm simply trying to defeat all of
the goons who are arguing with me, because that puts me in the best stead
to achieve my goal.  My view is that it's absurd how hard you guys are
trying to prevent me from pushing through this incredibly simple fix.

Of all seriousness, when I said I felt sorry for you, I meant it.  I
> would consult a counselor if I were you since you desperately need help
> with your mental situation.

What I find is that, whenever people finally admit to themselves that
they've lost the argument, they start changing the subject and trying to
make me feel small.  Given that I can see that this is what they're doing,
it has no impact on my state of happiness.

I wish you the best of luck in life and that you may find the help you
> need.

I find it amusing that I'm trying to make things easier for people who are
confused by (part of) the AUR website, while you're trying to convince me
that I've got mental health problems and need to seek counselling.  It
looks like that Asperger's comment really hit the spot.

} End

Now Mark, I was hoping that'd be the last I heard from you, especially as
you'd sincerely wished me the best of luck in life.  However, it looks like
you've not only come back, but that you've done so with a new-found
authority.  BTW, if you're displeased that I've listed the above fragments
here in public, be thankful that I didn't just forward them onto Jackson
College instead.

That's one of the functions of the bug tracker, to report bugs and make
> enhancement suggestions.  On the bug tracker, there's even a "General
> Gripe" task type that this would be probably best for.
> Here's a link to creating a task for aurweb: https://bugs.archlinux.org
> /newtask/proj2

As mentioned in my last email: "Also, I don't know why creating a ticket on
the Bugtracker should be a complementary requirement.  My view is that a TU
should have made the necessary change immediately after reading my very
first message."

> They may have set up an Arch Linux system, but that doesn't mean they
> understand how Arch Linux's build system works or even how to use git
> to download the PKGBUILD or click a link that has the word download in
> it.

Firstly, that's quite a long sentence for someone who seems to idolise the
dictionary.  Secondly, what you've written directly above provides no
reason not to remove the ambiguity of "File Request".  If they're searching
for a file to download, seeing "Lodge a Request" or "Make a Request" would
act as more of a deterrent than "File Request" does.

> I think all that can be said about this issue has been said and with
> that, we should not entertain this issue here anymore.

I disagree with that completely, and you of all people have Buckley's
chance of shutting me up.  I think we should leave this thread active until
a TU finally gets off his rear end and changes "File Request" to "Make a
Request" (in the interim).  However, as you've obviously had enough of this
thread, I would suggest that maybe you should move on from it!

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