[aur-general] Metadata from aur3

kaptoxic kaptoxic at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 28 01:49:14 UTC 2015

On 11/24/2015 06:56 PM, Johannes Löthberg wrote:
> On 24/11, kaptoxic wrote:
>> Is there a way to retrieve package metadata from aur3 (votes and
>> comments)  and migrate them to aur4? There was a question about merging
>> comments during the aur3-to-aur4 migration period, but I am wondering if
>> that is still possible. If data is still around, perhaps a script could
>> be written that extracts the appropriate information and adjusts it for
>> aur4. (It seems unfortunate that some of the packages that were migrated
>> too late lost all of that metadata.)
> The data was removed when it was announced that it would be.
> Maintainers had plenty of time and ample warning beforehand.
No, they did not. Anyway, thanks for the info.
> As far as I know, all the metadata was deleted.  (I'm not happy about this either.)
Well, happy or not, somebody decided that was the right thing to do and
the data is now gone.
> The PKGBUILDs, however, are archived.  You can fetch a PKGBUILD from
> the archive and push it to aur4 if you would like to maintain it.
> https://github.com/aur-archive
> --Kyle
Thanks. Yes, I know, at least PKGBUILDs are archived. (They always were,
even for deleted packages, if I am not mistaken.)


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