[aur-general] Issues Pushing

Lukas Fleischer lfleischer at archlinux.org
Wed Oct 7 10:58:27 UTC 2015

On Wed, 07 Oct 2015 at 09:41:31, David Phillips wrote:
> Okay, good to know it's being worked on. I seem to recall the TU who
> looked at it mentioning that using separate repositories would use up
> more disc space but avoid this issue?

Slightly more disc space on the server, yes. One idea was to use
$GIT_OBJECT_DIRECTORY, though, which means that we could still use a
shared object storage. We would only need to store the refs separately.

The other possibility is to tell Git to not advertise refs outside the
currently selected namespace. I am not entirely sure whether that is a
good idea and whether it would be accepted upstream, though.

> I may be wrong, but this seems like quite a large/important problem/flaw to me.
> I feel like this may have been discussed before—Is there a thread I've
> missed on the ML which covers this discussion?

No, this hasn't been discussed in public yet.

> Thanks

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