[aur-general] Request from aur3

respiranto respiranto at icloud.com
Sat Sep 26 10:24:10 UTC 2015

On 09/25/2015 11:20 PM, Xavier wrote:
> Hi guys,
> There are some packages that the authors never updated to aur4 but present
> in git aur mirror [1], due this I can't do push to aur4 , can I request
> these packages? the packages are:
> insync-dolphin
> python-gdal
> Thanks
> [1] http://pkgbuild.com/git/aur-mirror.git/tree/

The presence of a package in the aur mirror should not have any 
influence on the ability to upload a possibly updated package to AUR4, 
provided that it does not exist in AUR4 yet.

I have done so myself with several packages.

I just checked - python-gdal is already in the AUR, published by you - 
so you probably have already solved your problems on your own.

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