[aur-general] Feedback for rmlint-git and call for a TU

christopher at ira-kunststoffe.de christopher at ira-kunststoffe.de
Sat Sep 26 14:46:45 UTC 2015


Sorry if this sounds impatient: Are there any news on this?

Am Di, 22. Sep, 2015 um 5:16 schrieb Sven-Hendrik Haase 
<sh at lutzhaase.com>:
> Sounds like a pretty cool software. Will take a look later.
> On Sep 22, 2015 16:42, "christopher at ira-kunststoffe.de" <
> christopher at ira-kunststoffe.de> wrote:
>>  Hello,
>>  Im the developer of rmlint (http://rmlint.rtfd.org) and mantain 
>> also the
>>  rmlint-git AUR package 
>> (https://aur4.archlinux.org/packages/rmlint-git/).
>>  I'd love to see it also in the official community repository, 
>> especially
>>  since some users don't like to install the build dependencies 
>> (scons,
>>  sphinx).
>>  For that, of course, a TU would be needed and I figured the best 
>> place to
>>  find one would be here. I think the number of votes should be 
>> enough.
>>  If changes in the PKGBUILD are required, I will fix that beforehand 
>> of
>>  course.
>>  There is also another package by someone else that is not build 
>> from git,
>>  but from release tarballs: 
>> https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/rmlint/
>>  Thanks,
>>  Chris
>>  P.S: Sorry if that got posted twice.

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