[aur-general] Request to check my PKGBUILD and suggest me some improvements

Patrick Eigensatz patrickeigensatz at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 08:01:21 UTC 2016

Eli Schwartz via aur-general <aur-general at archlinux.org> schrieb am Di.,
16. Aug. 2016, 19:24:

> On 08/16/2016 01:12 PM, Patrick Eigensatz wrote:
> > No, the errors I experienced were all PKGBUILD syntax related mistakes;
> > also I didn't know I could use full bash syntax in the PKGSRC file this
> > is why I "extended"   ./   to   sh    to eliminate possible error causes
> > I would not have been aware of.
> Well, if it helps your understanding... :)
> makepkg is written in pure bash, and will source the PKGBUILD then use
> the bash variables and functions defined in the PKGBUILD in order to
> build the package. So yes, anything bash will work.
> (You are also guaranteed that anything defined in libmakepkg is
> available for you to use.)
> Granted, makepkg will run additional checks to make sure that the
> makepkg-specific variables/functions conform to what makepkg expects.
> eg. checking that things which need to be arrays aren't (lazily) strings
> instead.
> --
> Eli Schwartz

Thank you very much for your explanation!

I'll try to improve things as soon as I've got some time.

(Fortunately I received a pull request for some code in my program which I
was quite happy about - although I'm currently a bit "out of time" so I'm
very grateful for your patience and feedback!)



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