[aur-general] Should TUs tolarate inapropiate behavior in the AUR?

P. A. López-Valencia vorbote at outlook.com
Sat Feb 13 21:12:27 UTC 2016

El 13/02/2016 a las 3:12 p. m., Connor Behan escribió:
>> you are asking for public proof? Your sharpness is.... Sheesh!
> He didn't say that it would be easy for you to establish public proof
> (that would indeed warrant a "sheesh"). He said that no matter how hard
> it is to prove harassment, the onus for doing so is on the victim. Which
> it should be. I'm sure all people in this discussion agree that the
> bullying you describe is completely unacceptable, but we simply cannot
> be banning users based on scenarios that are simply one person's word
> against another's.

What you say is true Connor and your comment is *very constructive*.  I 
simply deleted the emails at the time , because I do not like gloating 
on bad blood therefore I can't provide that evidence anymore; but be 
assured it built up for at least 6 months before I finally threw the 
towel in disgust. I had to play whack-a-mole with the guy blocking 
accounts from where he would send me personal insults and attacks.

As long as we have your attention. Can you bring the matter in the 
private lists? There is a real need for some sort of reporting channel 
that is not a project in Flyspray but more private. And as Ralf Mardorf 
already said, a CoC is not needed. I frankly believe a CoC would be 
completely counterproductive.

> No comment.
He! I apologize for the tone, but I can't help being Zen when the 
student needs a whacking.

Pedro A. López-Valencia
Recession is when a neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. -Ronald Reagan

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