[aur-general] pkgbuild - suggestion

Jose Riha jose1711 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 12:39:10 UTC 2016

automatic notification sending is i believe a way to hell (10th+ 
notification for the same package would only make maintainer more angry). 
the idea is to only show it (when asked to) to user. then it's up to 
him/her to either notify maintainer, make a patch and do the update 
him/herself or even uninstall the package (if some serious problem has 
been found with the current version).

On Wed, 17 Feb 2016, Félix Piédallu wrote:

> Le 17 février 2016 23:11:03 GMT+01:00, Jozef Riha <jose1711 at gmail.com> a écrit :
>> hello,
>> this might not be a perfect place to propose new things to pkgbuild but
>> otoh it does affect pkgbuild and does make sense for aur packages. my
>> point
>> is: at the moment the only way that the aur maintainers learn about
>> upstream version bump is either by a user notification system (flags on
>> aur) or some external (rss for instance) checks. this may work to some
>> extent but wouldn't it be nice if the checking function would be the
>> part
>> of the pkgbuild (a new function alongside prepare(), build(),
>> package()..)
>> and this function would be invoked by an aur wrapper such as yaourt?
>> the implementation probably would not be trivial due to security
>> concerns
>> but in the end, maybe having a possibility to process an html page with
>> a
>> regex or read rss would be a good start.
>> j
> What do u mean exactly ? That when users install the package, some yaourt/makepkg tool sends a "feedback" of the version ?
> That would work mostly for CVS packages, when executing pkgver().
> Wouldn't it better to have this kind of check executed on the AUR server ? But that would mean a (weekly ?) download of the package on the AUR server... Not the best solution i think :/
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