[aur-general] password reset request

Radislav Golubtsov rgolubtsov at mail.ru
Thu Jan 7 14:50:34 UTC 2016

> Thursday, January  7, 2016 12:34 PM +01:00 from SanskritFritz <sanskritfritz at gmail.com>:
> On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 5:15 PM, Michael Straube <michastgit at web.de> wrote:
> Ok, I filed an orphan request from the new account. I fully understand
> > and appreciate your doubts about my story. Maybe my question was a bit
> > naive. If it's not possible or to much trouble then it's ok for me to
> > use a different username. More important is that I get back control
> > over my package. Hoping the orphan request will be successfull soon..
> >
> I couldn't even find your https://github.com/michast/cornas repository on
> github :p
> Come on, you're screwed :D

Please don't judge him strongly. I claim, yesterday (as I carefully follow this thread) I saw his repos on GitHub. There were (I don't remember exactly) approx. 4-5 repos (C/C++). And amongst them there was the "cornas" as well. I've even watched it roughly - there were a C-code and a few auxiliaries - the only one (initial) commit. And yes, now all his repos are deleted (or hidden, whatsoever).

What I have to say... Maybe he has decided to start over... We are all people and sometimes doing some strange things (as the one can consider), but anyway wait and will see (not making any predictions).

Kind regards,
Radislav (Radicchio) Golubtsov

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