[aur-general] About package description (pkgdesc) size

Johannes Dewender arch at JonnyJD.net
Tue Jan 26 06:31:27 UTC 2016

On 26/01/16 04:29, Jimmy Latouche wrote:
> I've got a simple question about submitting a package to AUR: the
> PKGBUILD I'm working on is a scanner driver for EPSON printers, but
> it's list of supported models is quite long and I wouldn't want to
> left out some models unmentioned since users of those models won't
> benefit from it.
> My original pkgdesc line was as follows (same as on EPSON's site):
> pkgdesc="Epson scanner driver (DS-40, DS-50000, DS-510, DS-520,
> DS-5500, DS-560, DS-60000, DS-6500, DS-70000, DS-7500, DS-760,
> DS-860, EP-10VA Series, EP-808A Series, EP-978A3 Series, ET-2500
> Series, ET-2550 Series, ET-4500 Series, ET-4550 Series, L220
> Series, L222 Series, L360 Series, L362 Series, L365 Series, L366
> Series, L455 Series, L565 Series, L566 Series, L655 Series,
> PX-M7050 Series, PX-M7050FP, PX-M7050FX, PX-M840FX, PX-M860F,
> WF-6530 Series, WF-6590 Series, WF-8510 Series, WF-8590 Series,
> WF-R8590 Series, XP-220 Series, XP-230 Series, XP-235 Series,
> XP-332 335 Series, XP-430 Series, XP-432 435 Series, XP-530
> Series, XP-630 Series, XP-830 Series, XP-960 Series)"

If you want to make every modell "searchable" on the AUR you can add
one AUR tag per printer.
Unless there is also a limit on the number of tags.


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