[aur-general] PKGBUILD for GnuSocialShell

Eli Schwartz eschwartz93 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 18:18:04 UTC 2016

On 07/12/2016 12:11 PM, Doug Newgard wrote:
> On Tue, 12 Jul 2016 12:01:22 -0400
> Storm Dragon via aur-general <aur-general at archlinux.org> wrote:
>> Howdy,
>> I am working on a PKGBUILD for a new GNU Social client called GnuSocialShell. I made one for the git version, because this is being rapidly developed, and I don't believe there is an actual release yet anyway. The problem is, it haults with an error when trying to copy files in place, and I'm not sure why. I have gone over this file and can't find anything wrong with it. It's probably something simple I'm just overlooking though.
>> Thanks for any help :)
>> Storm
> Looks like a very badly written Makefile. You'll have to install the files to
> $pkgdir yourself.

That, or write a competently-written Makefile *from scratch* and
contribute it upstream if you want to help the project.

Seriously. That Makefile looks like someone decided "Makefiles are
traditional, so we need one", but had no real idea how to make one, so
they just created aliases for the commands they usually used to manually
compile and install it.

Eli Schwartz

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