[aur-general] My first PKGBUILD

marcin at marcin.co marcin at marcin.co
Sun Jun 12 12:26:34 UTC 2016

I think you should use pkgver in source url.
Also, why would you copy libs to opt? 
License is usually named just LICENSE
Is that the third package release? Or first? 
Marcin Wieczorek  niedziela, 12 czerwca 2016, 02:22PM +02:00 od Bennett Piater  bennett at piater.name :

>> I am now considering maintaining it in the AUR. If someone has time, I
>> would like to get some feedback for my PKGBUILD before I publish it.
>I guess I should attach it :D
>GPG fingerprint: 871F 1047 7DB3 DDED 5FC4 47B2 26C7 E577 EF96 7808

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