[aur-general] aur-general Digest, Vol 140, Issue 26

Marcin Wieczorek marcin at marcin.co
Sun Jun 19 13:51:07 UTC 2016


You need to change remote url to git+ssh://aur@aur.archlinux.org/PACKAG
Also add your public key to your profile on ArchLinux website.

Read the wiki before submitting, your package ain't flawless.

Marcin Wieczorek

On Sun, 2016-06-19 at 18:05 +0430, Yousof Zahra via aur-general wrote:
> al-anvar-git PKGBUILD !
> How I can add it to AUR Repository !
> When I want to send It by git
> This message is displayed
> public permisson !!!
> I made ssh .rsa and .pub ! by ssh-keygen
> what is problem ?
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