[aur-general] PKGBUILDs for monkeysphere feedback

Valo valo at autoproduzioni.net
Mon Jun 27 11:01:10 UTC 2016


Il 2-5/06/2016 19:41, Baptiste Jonglez ha scritto:
> Ah, ok, I misunderstood your problem.  So, the split package idea will
> definitely not help, because build() and check() are called before running
> package_foo() and installing the packages.  This means that agent-transfer
> will not be available in $PATH.
Yup, I checked and under Debian they have 2 distinct  packages [2], so
we do now :)

> That being said, don't you think you should remove the user/group when
> uninstalling the package?
This is a point I was dubtful about: in the debian package the
post-remove script takes care of checking if monkeysphere is used in the
sshd_config file, if not then deletes user and group as well as their

When I tried to delete user and group I received a warning about some
processes (ssh-agent and gpg-agent) using some files belonging to
monkeysphere, to remove them I would have had to force the removal but
not knowing what's going on on the user's computer made me rethink about it.

Another argument is that if, for any reason, the check on the
sshd_config file results in a fake negative match about monkeysphere
being in use, the user can then be locked outside of his/her own server
which is a thing nobody likes :)

Another reason which is more personal is that I do think it's the user's
decision whether it's time to remove the user or not based on his/her
own configuration and because of this I put the message [1]

All the considerations above assume that I should remove the files as
well, I can remove the user without touching the files and informing the
user he/she has to take care of it.  I can try to remove the user
without -f an fail with a message otherwise.

Can this be a good solution?

It seems to me that there are no general guidelines about packages
managing users, am I wrong? Should someone with a deeper knowledge than
mine write something down on the wiki?

Again thanks for the suggestions :)




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