[aur-general] had to change ~.ssh/config from archlinux.com to archlinux.org

David McInnis davidm at eagles.ewu.edu
Fri Mar 4 22:55:03 UTC 2016

Hi gang,

I apparently have had my .ssh/config mis-configured for some time.  
Today the AUR suddenly stopped accepting my git commits. It gave me the 
following error:

     Permission denied (publickey).
     fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

     Please make sure you have the correct access rights
     and the repository exists.

turns out I had the wrong host in my .ssh/config file:

     Host aur.archlinux.com
         IdentityFile ~/.ssh/aur_davidmcinnis
         User aur

I needed to change to the following:

     Host aur.archlinux.org
         IdentityFile ~/.ssh/aur_davidmcinnis
         User aur

I found this error somewhat subtle.  You might find this helpful if you 
suddenly find yourself with the same issue.
It's interesting that the aur.archlinux.com Host worked for many months, 
then suddenly stopped.


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