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Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Sat Nov 26 06:01:15 UTC 2016

* Quentin Bourgeois <quentin at bourgeois.eu> [2016-11-26 03:03:02 +0100]:
>   * As it is stated into the project README[3] argparse is required
>   for python 2.6, 3.0 and 3.1. What is the good way to do this into
>   a PKGBUILD ? I opt to force argparse as dependencies so I am sure
>   that it should runs for everyone.

You don't. Partial updates are unsupported on Arch, so you can be sure
Arch linux users use Python 2.7 or 3.5.

>   * Upstream does not provide any GPG signature of the tarballs nor
>   commit signature. I've chosen to provide a detached GPG signature
>   of the downloaded tarball with my GPG key. For me, its better to
>   have this link-ability between the package maintainer and the
>   downloaded tarball than nothing at all.

Not sure if that makes much sense, and FWIW I've had some issues with
people not being able to install AUR packages with PGP keys. I don't
recall exactly what the problem was though...

> groups=()
> depends=()
> makedepends=()
> provides=()
> conflicts=()
> replaces=()
> backup=()
> options=()
> install=
> changelog=

You can remove empty variables ;)

> optdepends=('inkscape: tools for manipulating vector objects (eg: SVG files)')

You'd usually put an explanation when/why inkscape is needed here.

> checkdepends=('python-tox' 'python-pylint' 'python2-tox' 'python2-pylint') 

I don't think it makes sense to run pylint during check(). It tells
you nothing about if the package is working correctly or not.

> sha256sums=('e1a17dc24975d5242202cfbb7534d69dd14eeb26bdf8a10f056c7b04904fef1e' 
>             'c161bd90708ca20c841321139f7e8fe5ae53cb25f55d0327fea5b59ac401f8e9')
> sha384sums=('e2da627423221298dfc55be93ab07e42d8801f0fa63bcfc5ad6bfa689181bcd0e7eb9525abdfd20aa3637ae56999956b' 
>             'b92e09d3e801b55ec97e28b105d8033d6bace8fc869343331e1093bbb35aabe201432e43ea4487014c92b190a65c89f8')
> sha512sums=('b9f5fc859b3ec33a1cf264d5ede597ff79cd447043668cf433096bf0bf89e24e1a8bf05f7914420934bc6c03a66ec0df99a203136c3f6506e0fda8e3c6f619fd' 
>             '68b6df665e76555489b9abc616fda11180c1c420e8a5dd74c191543335ee0b887fbba8115f7823aed676242b559af10141fc6a40c4b068a39b9e1038917dc29e')

No point in providing all of them - stick to one.

>     if [ -f LICENSE ]; then
>         install -Dm0644 LICENSE "$pkgdir/usr/share/licenses/$pkgname/LICENSE"
>         install -Dm0644 LICENSE "$pkgdir/usr/share/licenses/$pkgname/LICENSE.launcher"
>     else
>         warning "license file not found"
>     fi

Why would it ever not exist?


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